Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week 2: Rams @ Redskins - Video Recap

Check out some highlights from the Redskins 9-7 win over the Rams.

Friday, September 18, 2009

You Could Be a Rams WR

Laurent Robinson, come on down, you are the next contestant on the Rams crappy offense!

Okay, name the starting WR's for the St. Louis Rams? If you said Donnie Avery and Laurent Robinson, you obviously looked at the Rams depth chart. The Rams were crazy enough to let old man Torry Holt walk and have nobody to really replace him. Avery is a pretty good WR, but he is their #1 guy!!

The below-average WR corps is paired with an old QB and a consistently banged up RB. I fully expected the Rams offense to again sputter. The Seahawks shutout the Rams last week, and the Skins will attempt to do the same. I fully expect the defense to be jacked up for the home opener and the Skins offense will have every opportunity to win the game.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dan Snyder, Lesser of Two Evils?

"Give me all your monies!"

Ok, Dan Synder sucks. We all know that his micro-managing style and impatience with the Washington Redskins has put the team in a decade lull. The prices associated with the Redskins game day experience is quite outrageous, but it does not hold candle to the way the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is trying to gauge the state of Texas. Everything is big in Texas, especially your AMEX bill after you charge a pair of upper deck tickets to your plastic.

Get this...the cost for a ticket in the 400 upper level section is $239. As of now, there are still a couple of hundred of those tickets remaining, which if not sold, Sunday's Cowboy game will be blacked out to the local Dallas market. While I fully expect those seats to be somehow sold, it would be hilarious to see the game blacked out.

To get a full disclosure, there are cheaper tickets at Cowboys stadium, but $239 for an upper deck ticket is a bit absurd. I guess at least you get to watch the largest HDTV known to man?
Or catch a deflected punt?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh Emmitt, How I Miss Thee....

The NFL is just not the same without Emmitt Smith on ESPN. He will go down in history as a great one...his screen presence, his glowing personality, and his way with words always left me smiling.

Lets relive some of the great ones....

Don't Fret, All is Not Lost

Sweet team apparel: Check. 53 of my closest friends: Check. Cool Shades: On.

Ok, so the Redskins are 0-1. Big deal. This is not college football where one loss totally derails your season. The Skins lost a road division game. It happens. If you take a look at your handy 2009 Redskins game schedule, you will see that the next 5 games are VERY winnable. Notice I said winnable....this is the NFL, no gimmes. In case you are wondering, the next 5 games are: St. Louis, @ Detroit, Tampa Bay, @ Carolina, Kansas City.

I think next week, hosting the Rams is a HUGE game. The Redskins will have a chance to dominate on both sides of the ball because the Rams do not do anything extremely well. The Seahawks emphasized that point with a 28-0 win over the St. Louis Sheep. Yeah, I think they lose their horn privileges until they score a point. Next week is not do or die, but pretty freakin' close. Everyone will go bananas if the Redskins lose next week.

I just hope the Redskins go in next week, kick some ass, and gain some momentum for a very favorable 4 game stretch before a bunch of divisional games. I am not saying the Redskins will be 5-1, but if this is going to be a playoff year, the Redskins better be 4-2 after 6 weeks.

Monday, September 14, 2009


....and we go live!

Check it up, sign-up to follow.

Behind the Numbers

Here are some brief stats from yesterdays game:

    • C. Portis only averaged 3.9 yards a carry (16 attempts)
    • Campbell was actually pretty accurate, completing 19 of 26 passes (73%)
    • Campbell completed 7 of 9 passes to Randle El, 7 of 8 to Cooley, but only 2 of 5 to Moss
    • The Redskins fumbled 3 times, but only lost 1
    • J. Campbell actually finished with a higher QB rating that E. Manning (93.6 to 93.5)
    • Skins defense held Brandon Jacobs to 2.9 yards per carry on 16 attempts.
    • A. Bradshaw averaged 5 yards a carry on 12 rushes.
    • 7 different Giants caught passes, including 8 REC by Steve Smith
    • London Fletcher had 18 tackles (11 solo)
    • Orakpo had 2 tackles in his debut.
    • Haynesworth had 4 tackles, including 1 for a loss
    • Hunter Smith scored his second career touchdown ($5 for youtube video of the first? hah)

Week 1: Redskins Recap

Here we have Mario Manningham bitching DeAngelo Hall for a 30 yd TD...

Well, week 1 of the 2009 season is in the books, as the Skins once again drop the season opener to the New York football Giants. What started with a optimistic 34-yard Clinton Portis scamper ended in a failed onside kick recovery, and the disappointment of an inter-divisional loss. The Redskins will look to regroup next week when the host the St. Louis Rams. The game against the Giants gave fans hope in some areas, but some facets of the game felt all too familiar.

Starting with the quarterback, Campbell looked somewhat uncomfortable for most of the game while failing to protect the ball. Campbell threw a bad interception and lost a fumble (which was returned for a touchdown) in the first half. Zorn needs to work on his pocket presence and teach him how to protect the ball before he throws. This has been an on-going problem for Jason, as the defense rarely has trouble stripping the ball from his pre-release stance.

The defense showed a familiar bend but do not break mentality as the Giants seemed to move the ball with ease all afternoon. But, after a few New York struggles to get into the end zone, the Redskins stayed within striking distance. DeAngelo Hall, even though he got a pick, was pretty bad in coverage, could not make a tackle, and had a bonehead penalty. You need better production from your "big-time" cornerback. If the Redskins could of simply tackled better and protected the ball, they could be traveling back to DC with a W.

Redskin of the Week: ANTWAAN RANDLE EL - He consistently made himself available to Campbell and picked up several key first downs. Even though he was named WR3 behind Malcolm Kelly, he made a much greater impact. Honorable mention goes to Hunter the Punter who scored a TD on a fake field goal run. Portis beware.

Play of the Game: Mario Manningham somehow scored a 30 yard TD by making D-Hall and others miss while tippy-toeing down the sidelines.


Redskins @ Giants: Top 10 Questions Answered

#10: Santana meets up with brother Sinorice, who will be the bigger factor? I would say neither, but Santana actually had 2 catches for 8 yards compared to baby bro being shutout.

#9: How will the Redskins use Fred Davis and Chris Cooley if they play together? Eh, not really at all.

#8: How much will Devin Thomas see the field? I don't remember seeing him play at all.

#7: How many carries will Portis lose to Betts? Final count, 16 for Portis and 2 for Betts. The Redskins barely had the ball enough to get Portis 15 touches.

#6: How will the Redskins use Orakpo? Exclusively at linebacker? Can he cover TE's? He had 2 tackles and he was disappointingly quiet.

#5: Will Zorn's playbook be razor thin or Al Saunderseque? I though the playcalling was a decent mix, even with a few trickaration plays.

#4: Plaxico Burress, Redskins behind bars...huge factor? Giants WR's step up? Yes, the Giant's cast of wideouts stepped up and they were the difference in the game!

#3: Will the Redskins young WR's step up to the plate? They really did not have the chance to do that. Kelly played a good deal, but the majority of the air attack seem directed at Randle El and Cooley, who each had 7 catches.

#2: Will Albert Haynesworth clog up the middle of the field and allow others to put Eli on his back? Yes and no. He was effective, but he gets winded fast and was off the field on at least 1 very key play.

#1: Can the offensive line give Campbell time against a stiff pass rush? I think the line did a pretty good job considering the circumstances. The blame lies with Campbell on a couple game changing turnovers.

Stay tuned for the Week 1 Recap.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Speed Read Player Profile #1

Name: Marcus Mason

DOB: 06/23/84

High School: Georgetown Prep (Bethesda, MD)

College: Youngstown State

  • All-time leading rusher in Maryland High School Football history (5,700 yards).
  • Had 23 touchdowns his senior year at Youngstown State where he was a First Team All-American in the NCAA FCS (former 1-AA).

  • Made the Redskins 53 man roster in 2007, but was moved to practice squad to make room for another player.

  • Spent time with the Ravens and Jets on their practice squad the past few seasons.

Redskins @ Giants: Top 10 Questions

#10: Santana meets up with brother Sinorice, who will be the bigger factor?

#9: How will the Redskins use Fred Davis and Chris Cooley if they play together?

#8: How much will Devin Thomas see the field?

#7: How many carries will Portis lose to Betts?

#6: How will the Redskins use Orakpo? Exclusively at linebacker? Can he cover TE's?

#5: Will Zorn's playbook be razor thin or Al Saunderseque?

#4: Plaxico Burress, Redskins behind bars...huge factor? Giants WR's step up?

#3: Will the Redskins young WR's step up to the plate?

#2: Will Albert Haynesworth clog up the middle of the field and allow others to put Eli on his back?

#1: Can the offensive line give Campbell time against a stiff pass rush?

Don't miss it....4:15 EST on FOX baby!

2009 Redskins Roster Review


QB1: Jason Campbell
QB2: Todd Collins

RB1: Clinton Portis
RB2: Ladell Betts
RB3: Rock Cartwright
RB4: Marcus Mason

FB1: Mike Sellers

WR1: Santana Moss
WR2: Malcolm Kelly
WR3: Antwaan Randle-El
WR4: Devin Thomas
WR5: Marko Mitchell

TE1: Chris Cooley
TE2: Todd Yoder
TE3: Fred Davis

OT1: Chris Samuels
OT2: Stephon Heyer
OT3: D'Anthony Batiste
OT4: Mike Williams

OG1: Randy Thomas
OG2: Derrick Dockery
OG3: Edwin Williams
OG4: Chad Rinehart


DE1: Andre Carter
DE2: Phillip Daniels
DE3 : Reynaldo Wynn
DE4 : Lorenzo Alexander
DE5 : Jeremy Jarmon

DT1 : Albert Haynesworth
DT2 : Cornelius Griffin
DT3 : Kedric Golston
DT4 : Anthony Montgomery

OLB1 : Brian Orakpo
OLB2 : Rocky McIntosh
OLB3 : Chris Wilson

MLB1 : London Fletcher
MLB2 : H.B Blades
MLB3: Robert Henson

CB1: Carlos Rogers
CB2: DeAngelo Hall
CB3: Fred Smoot
CB4: Justin Tryon
CB5: Kevin Barnes
CB6: Byron Westbrook

SS1: Chris Horton
SS2: Reed Doughty

FS1: Laron Landry
FS2: Kareem Moore


K: Shaun Suisham

P: Hunter Smith

LS: Ethan Albright

There you go folks, your 2009 Washington Redskins!!!!!!

I was somewhat surprised that Mike Williams made the team. It is a great story that he shed 100 of his closest friends, but he is a human turnstile at tackle. I would be horrified to see Justin Tuck matchup against him if Chris Samuels went down with an injury. I was somewhat surprised that the skins kept 6 CB’s, but I think Westrbook is a great special teams guy who knows the defensive scheme and can be trusted to hold his own. I am also glad that Marcus Mason and Marko Mitchell made the team. Mason is a better runner than Rock, but Cartwright is such a great special teams player. Marko Mitchell looked so smooth at natural at the wide out. He showed me more this year already than Kelly or Thomas did last year.

My official prediction for this season is 9-7 with a wild card berth. I hope they can stay healthy, keep their offensive line intact, and surpass my expectations. I think the could have a killer defense, it may be all up to SI cover boy Jason Campbell.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

BB is back....

Yes, Beltway Braves is alive.....bookmark the page and visit throughout the season!