Thursday, October 15, 2009

Snyder has Itchy Trigger Finger, Gruden Next Year?

OK, this whole Jim Zorn experiment thing was doomed from day 1. First of all, new coordinators should NEVER of been hired before a head coach was named. Zorn was brought in to be an offensive coordinator, and that is a job I think he could of handled. This mistake was made when he was named head coach for a proud franchise with impatience fans and even more impatient ownership. He was set up to fail, please realize that.

Jim Zorn went from QB Coach of the Seahawks in 2007, to head coach of the Redskins in 2008, and he finished 8-8. That is not that bad folks. If you are going to take a leap of faith with a guy like Zorn, you need to give him 3 full years before you decide on his progress. That is only fair. Zorn has too much on his plate. He is not a very good game manager and he is tied up in coaching QB's and trying to call plays. He was dooooooomed before he even called the Redskins "maroon and black"at his opening press conference. That comment in itself says a lot about Jim Zorn. I think he is somewhat of a space cadet.....

Ok, so if somehow Zorn makes it out of the season, I still don't think he makes it back for the 2010 season. The offensive line will prevent this team from making a playoff run of any sorts. So for next year, Synder is sure to make a big splash and hire one of the big name "free agent" coaches out there and it looks like Jon Gruden is on the top of his list. Gruden could light a fire under this team and he is a super bowl winning coach, so thats a plus. But unless player personnel decisions are made from a different brain trust, nothing in the town will change. The Redskins need to remove Vinny C from any personnel desicions and hire a proven football guy. What about Mike Holmgren?

It just so happens that Holmgren and Gruden share the same agent, so that may make it easier to work. I think Holmgren could make solid football decisions and Gruden could win in DC. The Redskins would need to trim fat, stockpile draft picks, become younger, and build for 2012. That is the smart thing to do.

Too bad Daniel Snyder is a little money grubbing punk, who will keep running the team into mediocrity until someone punches that smarmy little look off his face. Until that day, hold out hope that Stephon Heyer and the rest of the clowns on the OL can step of their game.

Hail the Redskins.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hunter the Punter Out, Pakulak In

Redskins announced today that Hunter Smith has been ruled out for Sundays game against the Panthers and the Redskins have signed Glenn Pakulak from the practice squad. It is a shame that Hunter will be out because he has the only rushing TD this year and his leg is a weapon that can pin back the opponent. Anywho, I am sure we will see Pakulak plenty on Sunday.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

RotoRob NBA Sleepers

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Week 4 Highlights

Check out some highlights from the Redskins 16-13 victory over the Buccaneers last week. While it was not pretty, it was a victory and they all count the same.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

State of the Redskins

Skins need WR Malcolm Kelly to step up his game

Okay, the Skins enter Week 5 with a record of 2-2 and now are lined up to face two winless teams (Carolina, Kansas City). To have any shot at the playoffs this year, I think it is a must to take both of these games, but it won't be easy. The Panthers are clearly better than their 0-3 start and the Redskins will have to win on the road to accomplish their short term goals.

Honestly, the Redskins have been horrible in some areas of the game, but I still think they have pieces on place to have a decent season. There biggest problem, as we all know, is scoring point in the red zone. If they can somehow figure this out, we may see an improved outlook on the team. NFL fans, especially Skins fans, are fickle and one good game can drastically change their perception of a team.

As long as the Redskins offense stops giving up points (turnovers), the Redskins will hold most teams under 21 points. It is up to the offense to step-it up and execute when the field gets short. They have been moving the ball between the 20's pretty well, but touchdowns are needed to finish drives.

Redskins Bring in the Shermanator

Seriously, the Redskins answer to fix a struggling offense is to bring in a guy who has been out of football for 5 years?

I mean this is not a big move, but Sherman Lewis was brought in to be a consultant to the offense due to extensive knowledge of the west coast offense.

Regardless, I think this is a ridiculous move and could only cause more confusion.

But whatever....

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