Thursday, January 28, 2010


I am about 93% sure the Redskins will never consult me about player personnel, especially high draft picks. But, regardless of their ignorance of excellence, I will offer up my opinions.

With the 4th overall pick I have a growing confidence that the Redskins will select Sam Bradford out of Oklahoma. I think its a lock that the Rams take Suh 1st and its likely that Gerald McCoy goes 2nd to Lions and Eric Berry goes 3rd to Bucs. That leaves plenty of viable options for the Redskins because no guys in position of need will go off the board before they pick. I really do not think Bradford (or Claussen for that matter) is worth a 4th overall pick. I think OT Russell Okung would be a better pick, but I think Shanahan wants to groom his future QB. If Jake Locker from Washington came out this year, I would be on the bandwagon to draft him. But there are no QB's in this draft worth a top 5 pick.

Regardless of their 1st round selection, the Redskins NEED to take Dexter McCluster in the 2nd round. They need his explosion and versatility. Bad. He is 5'8" and under 170, but he is tough as hell and sofaking explosive. I would even say that Darren Sproles is a poor man's Dexter McCluster. Yeah, I said it. Dexter carried the ball out of the I-formation in SEC play over 20 times many times this year. He can take the pounding. He can return kicks and punts (I hate you Randel El) too. Dex-Mac is a great route runner, has awesome hands, and will make an immediate impact next year in some facet of the game. The burgundy and gold need what he brings to the table.

Watch these clips and tell me the Redskins should not take him...

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GoodPointJoe said...

I think Georgia Tech's Jonathan Dwyer might be a better fit. The Redskins really need to move on altogether at running back and acquire an every-down guy, and Sexy Dexy doesn't look like he can be that guy. Besides, if we're looking at an uncapped year, the Skins can just sign Sproles for a couple years to fill that "explosive" role.