Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I really thought the Redskins would get up for a home MNF game with a chance to knock the hated Giants out of the playoff picture. I was wrong.

Good luck Mr. Bruce.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Mr. Bruce is the Man, Skins Eye Shanny


"Obviously, Bruce has got the authority," Snyder said. "And when he makes a decision, the club makes a decision, it's a Redskins decision. ... I've not been as involved as people may have thought. In terms of the future, obviously we're going to be counting on Bruce to help lead the way."

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Welp See Ya Later, Vinny.

Dan Snyder BFF, Vinny Cerrato, has made his last move with the Washington Redskins, releasing himself after years of being DC's #1 yes man. In a calculated attempt to restore the Redskins to their glory days, the Redskins immediately (144 minutes officially) named Bruce Allen as the successor. Allen is the son of former Redskins head coach George Allen, who coached from 1971-1977 compiling a record of 67-30 which included 1 losing Superbowl appearance.

The younger Allen has spent time in the Raiders and Buccaneers front office and is a respected football mind, a label that escaped Vinny-C. Mr. Bruce (as I will now call him), worked for the Raiders from 1996-2003 and the Buccaneers from 2004-2008. He has experience and a connection to the ghosts of Redskins past, both of which most likely played a large role in him getting the job. Remember how much Dan Snyder loved Joe Gibbs?

Due to Allen's close relationship with Jon Gruden, many have speculated that the MNF commentator is #1 on the wish list as the head coach of the 2009-2010 Washington Redskins. Contrary to that assumption, it seems that Mike Shanahan is their target, having worked on him for the last few months. Synder has probably had more secret meetings over the last 6-8 months than Tiger Woods, in search for his next personnel man and head coach. Hopefully football guys make football decisions for now on with the Redskins and Dan Snyder learned his lesson that he can not actually play fantasy football for real. Signing over the hill vets are not how championships are won, it is built through superior drafting and solid coaching.

My guess is that Shanny lands in Washington, Mike Holmgren becomes football czar of the Browns, and Jim Zorn (who seems to be buying a one way ticket out of DC) is the QB's coach for the Browns next season. Jim Zorn meet Brady Quinn's biceps, Brady Quinn's biceps meet the quirkiest former NFL head coach in the modern era.

Hail to the Redskins.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Snyder has Itchy Trigger Finger, Gruden Next Year?

OK, this whole Jim Zorn experiment thing was doomed from day 1. First of all, new coordinators should NEVER of been hired before a head coach was named. Zorn was brought in to be an offensive coordinator, and that is a job I think he could of handled. This mistake was made when he was named head coach for a proud franchise with impatience fans and even more impatient ownership. He was set up to fail, please realize that.

Jim Zorn went from QB Coach of the Seahawks in 2007, to head coach of the Redskins in 2008, and he finished 8-8. That is not that bad folks. If you are going to take a leap of faith with a guy like Zorn, you need to give him 3 full years before you decide on his progress. That is only fair. Zorn has too much on his plate. He is not a very good game manager and he is tied up in coaching QB's and trying to call plays. He was dooooooomed before he even called the Redskins "maroon and black"at his opening press conference. That comment in itself says a lot about Jim Zorn. I think he is somewhat of a space cadet.....

Ok, so if somehow Zorn makes it out of the season, I still don't think he makes it back for the 2010 season. The offensive line will prevent this team from making a playoff run of any sorts. So for next year, Synder is sure to make a big splash and hire one of the big name "free agent" coaches out there and it looks like Jon Gruden is on the top of his list. Gruden could light a fire under this team and he is a super bowl winning coach, so thats a plus. But unless player personnel decisions are made from a different brain trust, nothing in the town will change. The Redskins need to remove Vinny C from any personnel desicions and hire a proven football guy. What about Mike Holmgren?

It just so happens that Holmgren and Gruden share the same agent, so that may make it easier to work. I think Holmgren could make solid football decisions and Gruden could win in DC. The Redskins would need to trim fat, stockpile draft picks, become younger, and build for 2012. That is the smart thing to do.

Too bad Daniel Snyder is a little money grubbing punk, who will keep running the team into mediocrity until someone punches that smarmy little look off his face. Until that day, hold out hope that Stephon Heyer and the rest of the clowns on the OL can step of their game.

Hail the Redskins.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hunter the Punter Out, Pakulak In

Redskins announced today that Hunter Smith has been ruled out for Sundays game against the Panthers and the Redskins have signed Glenn Pakulak from the practice squad. It is a shame that Hunter will be out because he has the only rushing TD this year and his leg is a weapon that can pin back the opponent. Anywho, I am sure we will see Pakulak plenty on Sunday.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

RotoRob NBA Sleepers

Check out my column on 2009-2010 NBA Sleepers on ROTOROB.com

Week 4 Highlights

Check out some highlights from the Redskins 16-13 victory over the Buccaneers last week. While it was not pretty, it was a victory and they all count the same.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

State of the Redskins

Skins need WR Malcolm Kelly to step up his game

Okay, the Skins enter Week 5 with a record of 2-2 and now are lined up to face two winless teams (Carolina, Kansas City). To have any shot at the playoffs this year, I think it is a must to take both of these games, but it won't be easy. The Panthers are clearly better than their 0-3 start and the Redskins will have to win on the road to accomplish their short term goals.

Honestly, the Redskins have been horrible in some areas of the game, but I still think they have pieces on place to have a decent season. There biggest problem, as we all know, is scoring point in the red zone. If they can somehow figure this out, we may see an improved outlook on the team. NFL fans, especially Skins fans, are fickle and one good game can drastically change their perception of a team.

As long as the Redskins offense stops giving up points (turnovers), the Redskins will hold most teams under 21 points. It is up to the offense to step-it up and execute when the field gets short. They have been moving the ball between the 20's pretty well, but touchdowns are needed to finish drives.

Redskins Bring in the Shermanator

Seriously, the Redskins answer to fix a struggling offense is to bring in a guy who has been out of football for 5 years?

I mean this is not a big move, but Sherman Lewis was brought in to be a consultant to the offense due to extensive knowledge of the west coast offense.

Regardless, I think this is a ridiculous move and could only cause more confusion.

But whatever....

Check out the full story:


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week 2: Rams @ Redskins - Video Recap

Check out some highlights from the Redskins 9-7 win over the Rams.

Friday, September 18, 2009

You Could Be a Rams WR

Laurent Robinson, come on down, you are the next contestant on the Rams crappy offense!

Okay, name the starting WR's for the St. Louis Rams? If you said Donnie Avery and Laurent Robinson, you obviously looked at the Rams depth chart. The Rams were crazy enough to let old man Torry Holt walk and have nobody to really replace him. Avery is a pretty good WR, but he is their #1 guy!!

The below-average WR corps is paired with an old QB and a consistently banged up RB. I fully expected the Rams offense to again sputter. The Seahawks shutout the Rams last week, and the Skins will attempt to do the same. I fully expect the defense to be jacked up for the home opener and the Skins offense will have every opportunity to win the game.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dan Snyder, Lesser of Two Evils?

"Give me all your monies!"

Ok, Dan Synder sucks. We all know that his micro-managing style and impatience with the Washington Redskins has put the team in a decade lull. The prices associated with the Redskins game day experience is quite outrageous, but it does not hold candle to the way the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is trying to gauge the state of Texas. Everything is big in Texas, especially your AMEX bill after you charge a pair of upper deck tickets to your plastic.

Get this...the cost for a ticket in the 400 upper level section is $239. As of now, there are still a couple of hundred of those tickets remaining, which if not sold, Sunday's Cowboy game will be blacked out to the local Dallas market. While I fully expect those seats to be somehow sold, it would be hilarious to see the game blacked out.

To get a full disclosure, there are cheaper tickets at Cowboys stadium, but $239 for an upper deck ticket is a bit absurd. I guess at least you get to watch the largest HDTV known to man?
Or catch a deflected punt?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh Emmitt, How I Miss Thee....

The NFL is just not the same without Emmitt Smith on ESPN. He will go down in history as a great one...his screen presence, his glowing personality, and his way with words always left me smiling.

Lets relive some of the great ones....

Don't Fret, All is Not Lost

Sweet team apparel: Check. 53 of my closest friends: Check. Cool Shades: On.

Ok, so the Redskins are 0-1. Big deal. This is not college football where one loss totally derails your season. The Skins lost a road division game. It happens. If you take a look at your handy 2009 Redskins game schedule, you will see that the next 5 games are VERY winnable. Notice I said winnable....this is the NFL, no gimmes. In case you are wondering, the next 5 games are: St. Louis, @ Detroit, Tampa Bay, @ Carolina, Kansas City.

I think next week, hosting the Rams is a HUGE game. The Redskins will have a chance to dominate on both sides of the ball because the Rams do not do anything extremely well. The Seahawks emphasized that point with a 28-0 win over the St. Louis Sheep. Yeah, I think they lose their horn privileges until they score a point. Next week is not do or die, but pretty freakin' close. Everyone will go bananas if the Redskins lose next week.

I just hope the Redskins go in next week, kick some ass, and gain some momentum for a very favorable 4 game stretch before a bunch of divisional games. I am not saying the Redskins will be 5-1, but if this is going to be a playoff year, the Redskins better be 4-2 after 6 weeks.

Monday, September 14, 2009


....and we go live!


Check it up, sign-up to follow.

Behind the Numbers

Here are some brief stats from yesterdays game:

    • C. Portis only averaged 3.9 yards a carry (16 attempts)
    • Campbell was actually pretty accurate, completing 19 of 26 passes (73%)
    • Campbell completed 7 of 9 passes to Randle El, 7 of 8 to Cooley, but only 2 of 5 to Moss
    • The Redskins fumbled 3 times, but only lost 1
    • J. Campbell actually finished with a higher QB rating that E. Manning (93.6 to 93.5)
    • Skins defense held Brandon Jacobs to 2.9 yards per carry on 16 attempts.
    • A. Bradshaw averaged 5 yards a carry on 12 rushes.
    • 7 different Giants caught passes, including 8 REC by Steve Smith
    • London Fletcher had 18 tackles (11 solo)
    • Orakpo had 2 tackles in his debut.
    • Haynesworth had 4 tackles, including 1 for a loss
    • Hunter Smith scored his second career touchdown ($5 for youtube video of the first? hah)

Week 1: Redskins Recap

Here we have Mario Manningham bitching DeAngelo Hall for a 30 yd TD...

Well, week 1 of the 2009 season is in the books, as the Skins once again drop the season opener to the New York football Giants. What started with a optimistic 34-yard Clinton Portis scamper ended in a failed onside kick recovery, and the disappointment of an inter-divisional loss. The Redskins will look to regroup next week when the host the St. Louis Rams. The game against the Giants gave fans hope in some areas, but some facets of the game felt all too familiar.

Starting with the quarterback, Campbell looked somewhat uncomfortable for most of the game while failing to protect the ball. Campbell threw a bad interception and lost a fumble (which was returned for a touchdown) in the first half. Zorn needs to work on his pocket presence and teach him how to protect the ball before he throws. This has been an on-going problem for Jason, as the defense rarely has trouble stripping the ball from his pre-release stance.

The defense showed a familiar bend but do not break mentality as the Giants seemed to move the ball with ease all afternoon. But, after a few New York struggles to get into the end zone, the Redskins stayed within striking distance. DeAngelo Hall, even though he got a pick, was pretty bad in coverage, could not make a tackle, and had a bonehead penalty. You need better production from your "big-time" cornerback. If the Redskins could of simply tackled better and protected the ball, they could be traveling back to DC with a W.

Redskin of the Week: ANTWAAN RANDLE EL - He consistently made himself available to Campbell and picked up several key first downs. Even though he was named WR3 behind Malcolm Kelly, he made a much greater impact. Honorable mention goes to Hunter the Punter who scored a TD on a fake field goal run. Portis beware.

Play of the Game: Mario Manningham somehow scored a 30 yard TD by making D-Hall and others miss while tippy-toeing down the sidelines.


Redskins @ Giants: Top 10 Questions Answered

#10: Santana meets up with brother Sinorice, who will be the bigger factor? I would say neither, but Santana actually had 2 catches for 8 yards compared to baby bro being shutout.

#9: How will the Redskins use Fred Davis and Chris Cooley if they play together? Eh, not really at all.

#8: How much will Devin Thomas see the field? I don't remember seeing him play at all.

#7: How many carries will Portis lose to Betts? Final count, 16 for Portis and 2 for Betts. The Redskins barely had the ball enough to get Portis 15 touches.

#6: How will the Redskins use Orakpo? Exclusively at linebacker? Can he cover TE's? He had 2 tackles and he was disappointingly quiet.

#5: Will Zorn's playbook be razor thin or Al Saunderseque? I though the playcalling was a decent mix, even with a few trickaration plays.

#4: Plaxico Burress, Redskins killer....now behind bars...huge factor? Giants WR's step up? Yes, the Giant's cast of wideouts stepped up and they were the difference in the game!

#3: Will the Redskins young WR's step up to the plate? They really did not have the chance to do that. Kelly played a good deal, but the majority of the air attack seem directed at Randle El and Cooley, who each had 7 catches.

#2: Will Albert Haynesworth clog up the middle of the field and allow others to put Eli on his back? Yes and no. He was effective, but he gets winded fast and was off the field on at least 1 very key play.

#1: Can the offensive line give Campbell time against a stiff pass rush? I think the line did a pretty good job considering the circumstances. The blame lies with Campbell on a couple game changing turnovers.

Stay tuned for the Week 1 Recap.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Speed Read Player Profile #1

Name: Marcus Mason

DOB: 06/23/84

High School: Georgetown Prep (Bethesda, MD)

College: Youngstown State

  • All-time leading rusher in Maryland High School Football history (5,700 yards).
  • Had 23 touchdowns his senior year at Youngstown State where he was a First Team All-American in the NCAA FCS (former 1-AA).

  • Made the Redskins 53 man roster in 2007, but was moved to practice squad to make room for another player.

  • Spent time with the Ravens and Jets on their practice squad the past few seasons.

Redskins @ Giants: Top 10 Questions

#10: Santana meets up with brother Sinorice, who will be the bigger factor?

#9: How will the Redskins use Fred Davis and Chris Cooley if they play together?

#8: How much will Devin Thomas see the field?

#7: How many carries will Portis lose to Betts?

#6: How will the Redskins use Orakpo? Exclusively at linebacker? Can he cover TE's?

#5: Will Zorn's playbook be razor thin or Al Saunderseque?

#4: Plaxico Burress, Redskins killer....now behind bars...huge factor? Giants WR's step up?

#3: Will the Redskins young WR's step up to the plate?

#2: Will Albert Haynesworth clog up the middle of the field and allow others to put Eli on his back?

#1: Can the offensive line give Campbell time against a stiff pass rush?

Don't miss it....4:15 EST on FOX baby!

2009 Redskins Roster Review


QB1: Jason Campbell
QB2: Todd Collins

RB1: Clinton Portis
RB2: Ladell Betts
RB3: Rock Cartwright
RB4: Marcus Mason

FB1: Mike Sellers

WR1: Santana Moss
WR2: Malcolm Kelly
WR3: Antwaan Randle-El
WR4: Devin Thomas
WR5: Marko Mitchell

TE1: Chris Cooley
TE2: Todd Yoder
TE3: Fred Davis

OT1: Chris Samuels
OT2: Stephon Heyer
OT3: D'Anthony Batiste
OT4: Mike Williams

OG1: Randy Thomas
OG2: Derrick Dockery
OG3: Edwin Williams
OG4: Chad Rinehart


DE1: Andre Carter
DE2: Phillip Daniels
DE3 : Reynaldo Wynn
DE4 : Lorenzo Alexander
DE5 : Jeremy Jarmon

DT1 : Albert Haynesworth
DT2 : Cornelius Griffin
DT3 : Kedric Golston
DT4 : Anthony Montgomery

OLB1 : Brian Orakpo
OLB2 : Rocky McIntosh
OLB3 : Chris Wilson

MLB1 : London Fletcher
MLB2 : H.B Blades
MLB3: Robert Henson

CB1: Carlos Rogers
CB2: DeAngelo Hall
CB3: Fred Smoot
CB4: Justin Tryon
CB5: Kevin Barnes
CB6: Byron Westbrook

SS1: Chris Horton
SS2: Reed Doughty

FS1: Laron Landry
FS2: Kareem Moore


K: Shaun Suisham

P: Hunter Smith

LS: Ethan Albright

There you go folks, your 2009 Washington Redskins!!!!!!

I was somewhat surprised that Mike Williams made the team. It is a great story that he shed 100 of his closest friends, but he is a human turnstile at tackle. I would be horrified to see Justin Tuck matchup against him if Chris Samuels went down with an injury. I was somewhat surprised that the skins kept 6 CB’s, but I think Westrbook is a great special teams guy who knows the defensive scheme and can be trusted to hold his own. I am also glad that Marcus Mason and Marko Mitchell made the team. Mason is a better runner than Rock, but Cartwright is such a great special teams player. Marko Mitchell looked so smooth at natural at the wide out. He showed me more this year already than Kelly or Thomas did last year.

My official prediction for this season is 9-7 with a wild card berth. I hope they can stay healthy, keep their offensive line intact, and surpass my expectations. I think the could have a killer defense, it may be all up to SI cover boy Jason Campbell.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

BB is back....

Yes, Beltway Braves is alive.....bookmark the page and visit throughout the season!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Cutler, Sanchez, and Campbell.....

When it comes to Redskins and the media coverage, could you possibly hear the names of these three quarterbacks anymore this off-season?

Jay Cutler was supposed to save the Redskins franchise, but he was shipped to the Bears.

Mark Sanchez was supposed to be the guy with the intangibles that the Skins were enamored with, only to be drafted by the Jets quite early.

Then we have Jason Campbell. It seems like everyone wanted to kick him to the curb and trade him in for someone that could be a "superstar" and has more potential. Now he is "our guy", and will be the starter this fall.

Since these three have all been talked about a ton lately, lets see if you can pick each ones chick out of a lineup???


SOLUTION: Campbell is with the hot miss DC sister....cutler is with the pale chick....sanchez gets dirty with the hot blondie.

DeAngelo Hall Interview on WJFK's Junkies

Listen to this interview and tell me if you think this is the same guy the media has portrayed as a malcontent and knucklehead throughout his football career. It looks like he is in the right place here in DC.


Go to 5/14 - Segment 10.

Hall seems like he is ready to help this defense own the league. I can't believe he is only 25 years old, seems like he has been around a while. I am glad the Skins ponied up and kept him and let Springs go.

Skins Win Court Battle

A 17 year legal escapade in which some Indians are claiming the name is racist and they want it removed. A bunch of rubbish if you ask me....

"The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has ruled in favor of the Washington Redskins in a 17-year battle against a group of American Indians who claim the football team's trademark is racially offensive.

The court upheld a judge's decision that Mateo Romero, an artist from the Cochiti Pueblo reservation in New Mexico, and six other Native Americans waited too long to file a claim. The suit, involving six of the Redskins' trademarks, asked that the National Football League franchise’s name be canceled due to complaints from American Indians.

In 1994 a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office appeals panel ruled that the trademarks should be canceled based on the complaint. Pro-Football Inc., the closely held parent company of the Redskins controlled by Dan Snyder, was granted the trademarks in 1967. The group sued in 1999 to overturn the finding."

Roster Review, Part 1, Quarterbacks

Welcome to the first part of the Roster Review series where we take a look at each position and how it could play out next season.


QB1: Jason Campbell - After surviving a flurry of off-season rumors, Jason is clearly the number one guy under center for the Redskins. He needs to advance his game and take ownership of this team if he wants a big contract for next season. If he is healthy, he will play every game. This is a make or break year, as I feel the Redskins are looking for him to make progress before committing to JC for the long term. It is obvious that his position here in Washington is not set in stone beyond this year. In order for this year to be successful, it all rides on the shoulders of the former Auburn quarterback.

QB2: Todd Collins - What a difference a year makes. After the Redskins playoff run of 2007, everyone loved the journeyman signal caller. The Redskins ended up overpaying for a backup that does not fit their newly instituted West Coast offense. Collins will only see the field in mop up duty. I honestly think that if Campbell suffers a long term injury in 2009, the Redskins will debate handing the reins to Colt if they think he can handle it. With that said, if the Skins need a QB to fill in for a drive or something, Toddy Boy is your guy.

QB3: Colt Brennan - Although quite impressive playing against third team defenses last pre-season, Brennan is still a work in progress and is still a questionable NFL QB. This years OTA's and training camp will be key in showcasing his stuff to the coaching staff. Colt is really going to gun for the backup job this year, but I see him coming up a bit short when he is stacked up against the Vet.

QB4: Chase Daniel - This somewhat squatty QB from the Big 12 is clearly a Zorn project. Even when he was putting up huge numbers last year, I did not know if his game could translate to the NFL. He is a gunslinger somewhat like Colt, and definately has some tools, but he does not look like Peyton Manning. I think Chase intrigues Zorn and he is a toy for the QB guru to develop and possiblt reap rewards down the road. Chase does have a shot to make the practice squad.....but I do not think he will make the team over Brennan.

The next installment will jump over to the defensive side of the ball and cover cornerbacks!!

What do you think of this years QB situation? Like it? Hate it?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Other Skins News

- Released Shawn Springs
- Signed G Derrick Dockery
- Signed CB DeAngelo Hall

Gimme Dat Coin!

It is official, Albert Haynesworth is a Washington Redskin. At first I was very skeptical of this move, but the more and more I think about it, I am starting to love it. Haynesworth is a game changer and I would be happy to get 12-14 games a year if he is healthy come playoffs. He makes your ends better, and he allows the corners to cover less.

The terms of the deal are way blown out of proportion. This is more of a 4 year $48 million dollar deal instead of a 7 year $100M+ deal. His salary in year 5 is $29M. I guarantee the current contract will not reach that 5th year. This is good PR for his agent though. The Redskins will pay today and worry about the future when it comes. The Skins are a very cap manipulative team, so I trust that this deal will not hold them back from pursuing other guys this year or next.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Redskins On the Verge of Signing DT Haynesworth

It has been reported by Lance Zierlein and Sportingnews.com that the Redskins are going to sign free agent defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth. Instead of re-signing with the Titans, Haynesworth decided he would like to test the Free Agent market for this first time in his career.

While Haynesworth is a dominating player, he has never completed a full NFL schedule and he does not play every down. If the Redskins are going to backup the Brinks truck in Albert's driveway, he better not have a Jason Taylor type year.

I am VERY mixed on this decision to purse Haynesworth knowing that he has risks of character and injury. At least we know he hates the Cowboys as he has already face stomped their center a few seasons back. Albert in burgundy and gold? Sources say it is virtually a lock. With all of this said, I think Danny Snyder is planning on the NFL to have an uncapped year because of the expiring deal with the owners and NFLPA.

Well, at least Haynesworth is still fairly young and has a good 5 years at least left in him. Let's see how this plays out after the FA period begins.....

Friday, February 20, 2009


Today, the Redskins released former pro bowl linebacker Marcus Washington. He was a beast a few years ago, but he just can not stay healthy. He was definitely not playing at a high level last year, so this is not a huge shocker.

Now without a staring outside linebacker, does this change the focus of their upcoming 13th overall pick in the NFL Draft? I think they will definitely take a DE or LB in this spot if they do not trade down. I will go through the scenarios after the combine, as teams are gathering more information. We are sure to see some guys fall hard and climb fast in the draft, it happens every year.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Redskins Off-Season Review (SO FAR!)


- Restructured DE Andre Carter's contract to save the team $2.4M in 2009. Lowers cap salary from $2M to $1.5M. Contract now runs through 2015 instead of 2012.
- Restructured WR/KR Antwaan Randle El's contract to save $2M in 2009. Lowers base salary from $4M to $1.5M. Contract now runs through 2015 instead of 2012.
- Re-Signed CB Byron Westbrook.
- Signed K Dave Rayner.
- Re-Signed LS Ethan Albright.
- Signed RB Anthony Alridge.
- Released P Ryan Plackemier.
- Signed KR Dominque Dorsey from the CFL. He is a 5'7" lightning bolt. Reminds you of a poor man's Darren Sproles maybe...(see video).

Portis Courting Boldin?

Clinton Portis and Terrell Suggs did some reporting from the Pro Bowl. Check out the video:


Jump to 2:47 in the video where Portis jokes with Boldin. Pretty funny, but it would be nice to see Boldin in a Redskins uni. He is a physical and tough receiver that the Skins have lacked for years. I do not think it would be financially viable though. Oh well, one could only dream.....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Skins on the Clock!

Check out the Bleacher Report NFL Mock Draft. The Skins are on the clock....


The attention is now on the Washington Redskins, who had a rocky season. At times, experts considered them the best team in the entire league, but Washington proved that theory incorrect.

While their season was marred by inconsistencies, the Redskins still have a solid foundation of young talent. A good draft could propel them to the top of the NFC East.

Here are the Redskins' top needs heading into day one of the 2009 NFL Draft.

1. Defensive End

2. Outside Linebacker

3. Defensive Tackle

4. Interior Offensive Linemen

You make the call Redskins fans. Vote in the poll for who you think should be the 13th overall pick in this year's draft.

1. Brian Cushing; Outside Linebacker, USC

If you have read any of these articles, you know exactly what I think about Cushing. He has the versatility to play either inside linebacker in the 4-3, all the way to outside linebacker in the 3-4 at the next level. The Redskins would vastly improve their defense with him on board.

2. Everette Brown; Defensive End, Florida State

Andre Carter is mediocre, and Jason Taylor is on the downside of his career. Brown would be an excellent addition to the Washington defensive line, and would benefit greatly from the tutelage of Taylor.

3. Tyson Jackson; Defensive End, LSU

Jackson is not a traditional pass rushing defensive end, but the Redskins may want a more physical player with this pick. He is a great run stuffer, who can also provide adequate help in the passing game.

4. Peria Jerry; Defensive Tackle, Mississippi

This may be a bit high for Jerry, but he is undoubtedly the best defensive tackle on the board. He is a pass rush specialist, while being able to push the line back and beat the double team. Jerry will need some work at the next level, but he could end up as a starter his rookie season.

5. James Laurinaitis; Middle Linebacker, Ohio State

At one point, this would have been considered the biggest steal of the draft. However, Laurinaitis could be a good fit in Washington, and the Redskins don't have the extra picks to trade up and get him later in the draft. He is a tackling machine and would be a great replacement for the aging London Fletcher.

There you have it Redskins fans. Vote in the poll for the player you think is best fit for the 13th overall pick.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Skins to take look at Drafting a QB?

From ProFootballWeekly.com:

Word is the Redskins are kicking the tires on some college quarterbacks perhaps a bit closer than they have in recent years. Jason Campbell’s job is not in jeopardy yet. But it’s possible that the Redskins will consider drafting a QB as someone who can put pressure on Campbell at some point down the road, perhaps in 2010.

This is an interesting tidbit as I thought the Redskins were content with not giving Campbell some competition other than Brennan. If they target a QB next year, I would have to think it would be late in the Draft. Maybe a diamond in the rough type deal. There is no way they would carry 4 Quarterbacks, so I am not sure how that would work out seeing that Collins is locked up and Brennan seems to be a project of Zorn's.

Offseason Depth Chart: Offense

Here is a look at the current depth chart. What sticks out to me an aging offensive line. Chad Rinehart was taken in the 3rd round last year and I am not even sure if the Skins know if he can play or not. I hope Kelly and Thomas make strides this offseason because they are weapons that need to be developed and used. Positions at RB and QB seem pretty much locked in before the draft and camps.

Jason Campbell
Todd Collins
Colt Brennan

Clinton Portis
Ladell Betts
Rock Cartwright
Anthony Alridge

Mike Sellers

Santana Moss
Antwaan Randle El
Devin Thomas
James Thrash
Malcolm Kelly

Chris Cooley
Todd Yoder
Fred Davis

Chris Samuels
Jon Jansen
Stephon Heyer
Jason Fabini

Randy Thomas
Pete Kendall
Chad Rinehart

Alridge Claimed by Skins

Last Friday, the Redskins claimed Anthony Alridge off of waivers from the Denver Broncos. The former University of Houston star was out all last season with a foot injury. Having seen him play a few times in college, I think he has potential to take over Rock Cartright's kickoff return duties. While I like Rock, I think it is time to make a move at that position. He also gives them flexibility and another threat out of the backfield. He is clearly a different runner than Portis and Betts. I really like the move. It is low risk and high reward.

Check out this highlight clip from his college days:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

2009 Draft : Skins Pick 13th

The 2009 NFL Draft is still over 2 months away, but it is never too early to speculate on what the Redskins will do. At 13, it may be a good spot to trade down unless your guy falls to you.

Hopefully they will target a DE, because we need some pass rush in the nations capital!

Potential candidates:

Aaron Maybin, DE, Penn State - An explosive 6'3" pass rusher who can make an impact.

Brian Orkapo, DT/DE, Texas - The anchor on the D-Line for the Longhorns. Is versatile and can play at tackle as well as DE.

Michael Oher, OT, Mississippi - Just a mauler on the O-Line. If the Redskins have doubts about Heyer and their depth at tackel, they could go this direction. I think Oher could start at RT from Day 1.

Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU - A tall and speedy pass rusher off the edge. He had a good year at LSU, but not a great one. Pick 13 may be too early. Could trade down later in the 1st and pick up an additional first day draft pick.

Brian Cushing, ILB, USC - This may be a stretch, because there are more pressing needs, but Cushing is a hard hitter would make an impact and provide depth at linebacker.

There is plenty of time for things to sort out. The combine is upcoming and will give everyone more information to sort through the draftees.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Ethan Albright: An Ace at One Trade

Albright, a steady special teamer for years, is most notably know as being the lowest rated player on Madden 07. Even though he does nothing but long snapping, he is a master at his trade and is a millionaire as result. Why more people train there kid to be an NFL long snapper is beyond me.

It is nice to see Big Red is staying with the Skins because he did have a flawless 2008. How do I know that? Well, how many times did you hear his name all season? Exactly. A long snapper is neither seen nor heard. Just do your job...and that is what he has done.

Wanted: A Skinnier Punter

Today the Redskins cut ties with tubby punter Ryan Plackemier. In my opinion, he was not too impressive last season and I believe it was a mistake to let Frost go. Maybe the Skins will draft ANOTHER punter this year....

Redskins Bring Back CB Westbrook

Westbrook will be competing for a spot on the 53 man roster.

REDSKINS PARK, LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA. -- The Redskins have re-signed cornerback Byron Westrbook, the team announced on Wednesday.

Westbrook has spent the last two seasons on the Redskins’ practice squad.

He has seen preseason action each of the last two years.

Last year, Westbrook recorded seven tackles and one pass defended in preseason. In 2007, he posted six tackles and recovered a fumble in the end zone for a touchdown.

He has also served as a kick returner. In preseason last year, he returned six punts for a 7.7-yard average and three kickoffs for a 22.7-yard average.

Westbrook, of course, is the younger brother of Philadelphia Eagles running back Brian Westbrook, a two-time Pro Bowler.

Since they have similar body types, Byron Westbrook has played his brother on the scout team in the practices leading up to Redskins-Eagles games.

Westbrook, 5-10 and 194 pounds, originally signed with the Redskins as an undrafted rookie free agent in May 2007.

He grew up in Washington, D.C., attended Dematha high school and played college football at Salisbury University.

By Gary Fitzgerald