Friday, May 15, 2009

Cutler, Sanchez, and Campbell.....

When it comes to Redskins and the media coverage, could you possibly hear the names of these three quarterbacks anymore this off-season?

Jay Cutler was supposed to save the Redskins franchise, but he was shipped to the Bears.

Mark Sanchez was supposed to be the guy with the intangibles that the Skins were enamored with, only to be drafted by the Jets quite early.

Then we have Jason Campbell. It seems like everyone wanted to kick him to the curb and trade him in for someone that could be a "superstar" and has more potential. Now he is "our guy", and will be the starter this fall.

Since these three have all been talked about a ton lately, lets see if you can pick each ones chick out of a lineup???


SOLUTION: Campbell is with the hot miss DC sister....cutler is with the pale chick....sanchez gets dirty with the hot blondie.

DeAngelo Hall Interview on WJFK's Junkies

Listen to this interview and tell me if you think this is the same guy the media has portrayed as a malcontent and knucklehead throughout his football career. It looks like he is in the right place here in DC.

Go to 5/14 - Segment 10.

Hall seems like he is ready to help this defense own the league. I can't believe he is only 25 years old, seems like he has been around a while. I am glad the Skins ponied up and kept him and let Springs go.

Skins Win Court Battle

A 17 year legal escapade in which some Indians are claiming the name is racist and they want it removed. A bunch of rubbish if you ask me....

"The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has ruled in favor of the Washington Redskins in a 17-year battle against a group of American Indians who claim the football team's trademark is racially offensive.

The court upheld a judge's decision that Mateo Romero, an artist from the Cochiti Pueblo reservation in New Mexico, and six other Native Americans waited too long to file a claim. The suit, involving six of the Redskins' trademarks, asked that the National Football League franchise’s name be canceled due to complaints from American Indians.

In 1994 a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office appeals panel ruled that the trademarks should be canceled based on the complaint. Pro-Football Inc., the closely held parent company of the Redskins controlled by Dan Snyder, was granted the trademarks in 1967. The group sued in 1999 to overturn the finding."

Roster Review, Part 1, Quarterbacks

Welcome to the first part of the Roster Review series where we take a look at each position and how it could play out next season.


QB1: Jason Campbell - After surviving a flurry of off-season rumors, Jason is clearly the number one guy under center for the Redskins. He needs to advance his game and take ownership of this team if he wants a big contract for next season. If he is healthy, he will play every game. This is a make or break year, as I feel the Redskins are looking for him to make progress before committing to JC for the long term. It is obvious that his position here in Washington is not set in stone beyond this year. In order for this year to be successful, it all rides on the shoulders of the former Auburn quarterback.

QB2: Todd Collins - What a difference a year makes. After the Redskins playoff run of 2007, everyone loved the journeyman signal caller. The Redskins ended up overpaying for a backup that does not fit their newly instituted West Coast offense. Collins will only see the field in mop up duty. I honestly think that if Campbell suffers a long term injury in 2009, the Redskins will debate handing the reins to Colt if they think he can handle it. With that said, if the Skins need a QB to fill in for a drive or something, Toddy Boy is your guy.

QB3: Colt Brennan - Although quite impressive playing against third team defenses last pre-season, Brennan is still a work in progress and is still a questionable NFL QB. This years OTA's and training camp will be key in showcasing his stuff to the coaching staff. Colt is really going to gun for the backup job this year, but I see him coming up a bit short when he is stacked up against the Vet.

QB4: Chase Daniel - This somewhat squatty QB from the Big 12 is clearly a Zorn project. Even when he was putting up huge numbers last year, I did not know if his game could translate to the NFL. He is a gunslinger somewhat like Colt, and definately has some tools, but he does not look like Peyton Manning. I think Chase intrigues Zorn and he is a toy for the QB guru to develop and possiblt reap rewards down the road. Chase does have a shot to make the practice squad.....but I do not think he will make the team over Brennan.

The next installment will jump over to the defensive side of the ball and cover cornerbacks!!

What do you think of this years QB situation? Like it? Hate it?