Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The D-Coordinator Hunt

Okay now that there is a new sheriff in town and Greg Blatche is gone, the Redskins need to hire a new Defensive Coordinator. It has been rumored that their main targets are Bengals DC Mike Zimmer and former Head Coach Jim Haslett.

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis seems confident that they will retain their coach, but not so fast my friend.


Jim Haslett has been spotted in Ashburn, VA yesterday and it was confirmed that he interviewed for the job. After the Skins interview Zimmer, expect a hiring within a week.

While they both are experienced NFL guys, I think Zimmer would be a better hire. He did a great job in Cincinnati and turned their team into a defensive force for most of the season. The problem with the Bengals is that Carson Palmer is just not a great QB at this point. I am not sure if he was nervous or what, but he looked off last weekend versus the Jets.

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Joe Mattingly said...

My concern with Zimmer is that he's a hot candidate. So we could be looking at a situation similar to what we saw when the Redskins hired Marvin Lewis as their defensive coordinator; he'll stick around just until he's got a head coaching offer on the table. Jim Haslett seems like maybe he's run his course, at least for the time being, and would be happy to settle in as a defensive coordinator for several years.