Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Zone Blocking Guru has Carroll Fever

It was widely speculated that Team Shanahan would include zone blocking know-it-all Alex Gibbs, who was most recently on the staff of the Houston Texans. But, it seems that Mr. Gibbs (no, not that one) believes in what Pete Carroll is putting together in Seattle as he has reportedly inked a contract with Seattle.

Gibbs, 68, is no spring chicken (or any other type of chicken for that matter) so I am not sure what kind of NFL future he holds in terms of longevity. He first started coaching for Denver in 1984 and knows Shanahan very well.

Shanny (and Gibbs) is known for a very simple running games that includes somewhat complex zone blocking schemes. While he only has a handful of actual running plays, the blocking schemes vary greatly and keeps the defense on their heels. Gibbs could of helped install the new blocking scheme, but now will have to look elsewhere.

The biggest concern at this point is bringing the proper offensive linemen for the scheme. The perfect guy in the zone blocking scheme is very smart, mobile, and has great footwork. Does this sound like any of their current linemen?

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